Pariskunta kaataa juomaa termarista kuksiin Muikkupuron laavulla talviaikaan.

Old “Bread trail”

the name Old “Bread trail” goes back to its history – in the past it was used to fishing, collecting hay and going to the logging sites. “Bread trail” starts from the Kainuu Nature Tour yard and is a multi-purpose route maintained by the entrepreneur. The route is maintained from the end of December to the end of April and can be traveled by fat bike, skis or snowshoes. In April, the route is softer, and it is best to move in the morning, on skis or snowshoes. There are many things to see on the 30 km route – especially in winter, the frozen Muikkupuro is worth the experience. The route is marked with nature signs and is recommended to be travelled clockwise.

Trail information

Joukojärventie 14, 89920 Suomussalmi
Length30 km