Karhunkainalo mökki ulkoa katsottuna
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Karhunkainalo Log Cabins (4 pcs)

Stay in comfort in peace of nature. Cozy and comfortable cabins at Hossa are suitable for year-round stays. The sleeping alcoves of the cosy cabins have bunk beds for 4 people. In addition, the kitchen/living room has a sofa bed that can be opened out. The cabins have electric heating and a wood-burning stove. Facilities include an electric cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishwasher, drying cupboard for clothes and a TV. Each cabin has its own toilet and shower. Saunas are available free of charge in the maintenance building of the campsite and, at an additional cost, in the lakeside sauna. Bed linen and final cleaning are not included in the rent. The cozy cottages are called Hunajatassu Mesikämmen Metsänkuningas Karhu Pets are allowed in Hunajatassu, Karhu, Mesikämmen and Metsänkuningas. The cottage rental period starts at 4 pm and ends at 12 noon. Learn more and book your stay easily at our web page!


Hossa-Kylmäluoma Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi Hossa@retkeilykeskus.fi +358 8 845151


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Alkaen 98 €
Makuu-alkovesta löytyy kerrossängyt, huoneessa voi majoittua 4 henkilöä
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