Isle of Hossa
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Isle of Hossa

The traditional looking log cabin is located on one of the most valuable hotspots in Hossa. The cottage is usable in the Summer only, and the views over Hossanlahti (the gulf of Hossa) are extraordinary. The cottage is secluded, on the island on Hossanlahti. The beach is sandy.

The cottage has electricity. Living room / kitchen with double bed, sleeping alcove with double bed. There is a fireplace and a swing in the yard. Separate sauna building with sauna hut. There is also a separate barbecue hut.

The cottage is on an island, so there is a rowing distance of about 200 meters from the car park to the island.

– The Cottage is on an island, 200 meters rowing distance
– Minimun rent for 4 nights
– Only used in the summer
– Bedlinen and towel 15€ / units

Contact details

Loma-Hossa Hossantie 284, 89920 Suomussalmi +358 873 2329

Opening hours

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Starting from 125 €
Living room