#Cottages & Villas

Järvimökki Cottage

Järvimökki (Cottage by a lake) is electrically heated, round log cottage, which is usable throughout the year. There is 63 square meters space, and the cottage is located by the Lake Hossa (Hossanjärvi) Also shoreline and a boat for your use. 5 persons.

95 €/2 persons
ight + 25 €/extra person

– Price include bedlinen
– Minimum rent for 2 nights

Contact details

Loma-Hossa Hossanniementie 6 b, 89920 Suomussalmi majoitus@loma-hossa.fi 08732329

Opening hours

Mon open
Tue open
Wed open
Thu open
Fri open
Sat open
Sun open


Starting from 95 €
living room / kitchen
sleeping alcove 1
sleeping alcove 2