Domnan pirtti
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Domnan Pirtti

Cabin-like accommodation: 10 beds (4 double rooms, 1 for three people).
Large room for celebrations and meetings, seating capacity approximately 50 people.
Renovated bathrooms with showers, saunas both indoors and outdoors, pier, outside whirlpool for use all year round and indoor whirlpool. Additional accommodation for larger groups available through partners in the village.
No pets allowed.

Available for rent all year round.


Internet, music and karaoke equipment, TV, drying cabinet for clothes, dryer, washing machine fully equipped kitchen and dishes, hot tub. New hotel quality beds. Motorboat available for rent when agreed.


About 75 km southeast from Suomussalmi centre, in the Kuivajärvi village, the only inhabited Viena Karelian village in Finland. Distance to the Russian border approximately 1 km. Distance to the Vartius border crossing 17 km.


Saarisuo nature forest at 4 km distance, with a 10 km Saarisuo nature trail, which is part of the East Border trekking route that goes through the area. The natural forest has been established as an area to protect the swamp nature and there are many ducks and wading birds in the area. Murhisalo, old forest nature reserve. Hunting, fishing, berry picking, geocaching and nature trips.

Other services:

Possibility to organise catering or programmes for the person renting the cabin.

Contact details

Domnan pirtti Kuivajärventie 195, 89840 Suomussalmi +358 40 184 3423
Tilava pirtti, jossa kaksi isoa ruokailupöytää sekä oleskelutila. Vuolukiviuuni.
Sauna jossa pesuhuoneessa kaksi suihkua ja sisäporeamme.
Soutuvene, joka on sopimuksesta vuokrattavissa.