Puolitoistakerroksinen kahdella terassilla varustettu Niemelän mökki keväällä metsän reunalla
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Cottage Niemelä

Cottage Niemelä is a log cabin that’s available for rent year-round, and has capacity for 3+2 people.

Premises: Insulated log cabin, built in 1996, living space 18 m2 + loft 15 m2.
Downstairs: kitchen with 2 beds (105 cm), sauna, dressing room, decked terrace 14 m2.
Loft: 160 cm wide bed, spare bed (80 cm) and two 80 cm wide mattresses.
Electric heating, lights, fridge, fireplace, coffee machine, microwave, dishes, drinking water from the owner, drain, boat, dock, dry toilet. Sauna with sauna stove (water boiler of 30 liters), dressing room. Water comes from the river through a water pump.
Pets are allowed (no pet fee).

Period of tenancy:
1.11.-31.3. reservations should be made week in-advance and reservation should be at least 3 days.

45 €/day
135 €/3 days
200 €/5 days
270 €/week

Bed linen 5 €/person
Cleaning according to the instructions, otherwise an additional fee will be charged (34 €).

Location: On the shore of River Emäjoki/Sakarajoki, about 23 km to the south from the Suomussalmi center.
Driving instructions: Drive along the highway E63 (5) from the Suomussalmi center for about 21 km to the south, from where turn right and drive the road Poukamontie for about 1 km, then turn left and drive 0,5 km and again turn left and drive for about 0,1 km.

Contact details

Anttonen Poukamontie 10 b, 89440 Sakara rauha.anttonen@gmail.com +358 50 320 2746


Starting from 45 €