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A cabin (Aitta room) in Riihelä next to Hossa National Park:
2-person room with twin beds, pets welcome.

Find cozy accommodation in a semi-detached cabin where you have a chance
to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. It used to be an aged log house in
Koiravaara. There is space for two people with pets in both apartments.
At the end of 2020, this very house from Koiravaara was converted into a
cabin and placed in the yard area of Riihelä. Both apartments have a
private entrance, a heat retaining fireplace and luxury hotel beds.

The subject is unobstructed. Access routes to the pier, the fireplace, the beach are easy.


Kainuun luontoretket Joukojärventie 14, 89920 Suomussalmi timo@kainuunluontoretket.fi +358400758295


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Alkaen 80 €