Laukkujärven autiotupa Hossan kansallispuistossa, tuvan edessä on nuotiopaikka, pöytä ja penkit.
Jonna Saari

Laukkujärvi Trail

The 10 km Laukkujärvi trail starts near the Hossalaislampi parking lot. The route is marked with blue landmarks and follows the shores of Lake Talasjärvi and Lake Puukkojärvi.

For the most part the route could be described as easy, but there are also a few more challenging steep descents. In addition, the final part of the trail is on a ridge with a fair number of elevation changes.

The hike can easily be extended by starting from the Huosivirta parking lot and combining it with the Hakokoski hike of about 5 km.

Trail information

Pistonlehdontie 225, 89770 Suomussalmi
Length10 km