reitti Muikkupuron laavulle, Hossan kansallispuisto

Accessibility in Hossa

In addition to accessible accommodation, Hossa National Park offers a variety of trails, fireplaces and toilets that are accessible to all. You can even fish for rainbow trout on the shores of Huosilampi pond if you’re in a wheelchair. There are moorings where wheelchair access to the boat is possible.

Hossa Nature Center

(Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi)

The Nature Centre’s facilities, café-restaurant, souvenir shop and meeting room, are accessible to wheelchair users, strollers and prams. There is also an accessible toilet. Two electric scooters and a wheelchair can also be hired from the nature centre. Wheelchair batteries can also be charged at the centre. Ask for more information on site.

+358 206 39 6041, +358 40 751 7221