A group of children snowshoeing, while the wind blows snow from trees over them
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Winter Wonders for Families

Hossa national park, in north-eastern Finland, is the stage for this multiadventure week. Your stay throughout will be at cosy apartments and it is from here you will you start each day’s adventure. Each family gets an own apartment which accommodates up to 6 persons. During the week you will take the thrill of a husky ride, enjoy the silence of a snowshoe hike, admire the scenic beauty on a cross-country ski trip and learn exciting wilderness skills. All activities are suitable for children. Minimum age 7 years.

Contact details

Upitrek Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi sales@upitrek.com +358407339262

Opening hours

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Starting from 930 €
A group of children waving in front of and igloo they have made
Families enjoying a husky safari on a cold and sunny winter day
A girl presenting a fish she has caught from the lake
Boys and girls around and open fire that they have lit