Vanhan Kurimon julkisivu edestä kuvattuna.

Private restaurant Vanha Kurimo

When you enter the picturesque log dining room of the private restaurant Vanha Kurimo, the time seems to stop. It is an ideal place to gather with friends or family. A meal in Vanha Kurimo offers a travelling group a pleasant and unforgettable break.

There is room for 50 diners around the tables of the log dining room, and together with all the serving areas, the restaurant can host up to 100 diners. The servings are planned considering the local traditions and making the most of locally produced food. Please learn more about our special menus that take you on a tasty excursion to local Kainuu and Finnish national history.

The Vanha Kurimo restaurant is open on demand. Please contact us, and we will design a meal together to suit your group!

Contact details

Kultainen Kukko Kurimontie 39 b, 89600 Suomussalmi Suomussalmi +358 8 636 285