Tasalan Kuukkeli

Tasalan Kuukkeli Ltd.

Tasalan Kuukkeli Ltd. is a company selling ironmongery and building materials in Suomussalmi. They offer a wide and high quality range of sawmill products, paints, power tools, heaters, garden products, hunting supplies and much more.

Tasalan Kuukkeli also arranges home deliveries for their customers by truck and van. They also offer rental of small machines such as drilling equipment, scaffolding, construction equipment, trailers, grinders, and heaters.

The company started retail operations in 2002, and ten years later signed a representation agreement with IKH Ltd. for tools and spare parts.

Contact details

Tasalan Kuukkeli Ltd. Jalonkatu 11, 89600 Suomussalmi tasalankuukkeli@tasalankuukkeli.fi +358 8 711 246