#Pet friendly

Taicatassu pet store

Taicatassu pet supply store in the centre of Suomussalmi offers a range of pet supplies and accessories, from FinNero harnesses to durable Rukka coats and stylish Hunter winter coats.

Whether you’re a local looking for things for your beloved pets, or a tourist looking to pamper your furry travel companion, Taicatassu’s shelves are bursting with goodies. From colourful toys such as rubber toys, squeaky and soft options, to cosy beds and MUSH and JR Farm treats, there’s something to delight pets of all shapes and sizes.

Taicatassu offers home delivery by appointment within the Suomussalmi centre.

Contact details

Lemmikkitarvike Taicatassu Kiannonkatu 1, 89600 Suomussalmi +358 40 7183 196
Myyntihyllyillä koirien ja kissojen pantoja, makupaloja ja ruokakuppeja.
Lemmikkitarvike kaupan tuotteita.