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Paasonkoski Log Cabin

Paasonkoski log cabin is located on the shore of Lake Saarijärvi, near Paasonkoski, approx. 55 km southeast of the center of Suomussalmi.

Rental period: all year round.

Cabin: Log-built cabin. Pets allowed (no extra charge).

Facilities: One room with a double bunk bed (160 cm) and a convertible sofa, kitchenette and hallway. Well water has not been examined, so it is recommended to get drinking water from a nearby spring or bring it with you. Wood-heated sauna. Underground pit as a cool storage space.

Equipment: Basic crockery, liquefied gas hob (no oven), liquefied gas refrigerator, fireplace, no waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well, rowing boat and boating vests, smoker box, place to make a fire.

Price: weekly price €549–670, weekend €196–380.
You must bring your own linen (not available for rent).
The customer takes care of the cleaning of the cabin during and after the vacation.

Places to visit and services: The cabin is located in the Eastern part of Suomussalmi hunting area and Yli-Vuokki recreational fishing area, so hunting and fishing conditions are excellent. The sights of Raate Road 25 km, Ala-Vuokki village store and fuel distribution 17 km. 2 km to the Vienna route, 6 km to the Itäraja hiking route.

Contact details

Korpipaussi Malahviantie 73, 89840 Yli-Vuokki +358 44 328 0081
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