Snowmobile Lynx Xtrim Commander

Snowmobile Lynx Xtrim Commander

Kieppituvat rents to their guests:
Snowmobile Lynx Xtrim Commander 800R e-tec vm. 2014

The rent includes 2t oils. A helmet and goggles are also available if needed.
- the lessee must be of legal age and have at least a category T driving licence
- children under the age of 18 are only allowed to drive a snowmobile under the supervision of a guardian, and a minimum is required to drive a snowmobile. 15 years of age and a category T driving licence
- the renter is obliged to compensate for any damages caused up to 1000 € (deductible)
- the snowmobile is handed over to the renter with a full tank and the return must also take place with the tank full
-No mileage limit.
- tobogganing on the routes requires an MH career permit
Rental price list:
150 € / 3 h
200 € / 6 h
250 € / 8 h
300 € / 1 day
550 € / 2 days

Contact details

Kieppituvat Oy Varisahontie 1, 89670 Suomussalmi +358413137610

Opening hours

Mon open
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Fri open
Sat open
Sun open


Starting from 150 €