Trailrunner at the Julma-Ölkky canyon in Kainuu Trail 2023
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Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) – trail running event

Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) is a trail running event in a trail runner's paradise - Hossa National Park.

Kainuu Trail runners will experience all the perfect trails and terrains, the best sceneries, and the most legendary sightseeings of Hossa National Park´s area - and all these experiences during a one race day.

Distances: 10 k, 21 k, 38 k, 55 k and 78 k

Kainuu Trail 78 k Julma-Ölkky track is a stunning and memorable trail experience in the finest sceneries of Hossa National Park. On this route, you can see and experience all the perfect trails, the most spectacular sceneries and sightseeings of the national park at once.

Kainuu Trail 55 k Värikallio route offers majestic serving of Hossa National Park’s finest trails, greatest views and sightseeings - starting from Julma-Ölkky canyon to Värikallio’s Rockwall Paintings for example.

On the Kainuu Trail 38 k Kokalmus route trail runners will enjoy the finest needle paths and the same beautiful ridges as the earliest inhabitants of Hossa National Park 10 000 years ago.

On the Kainuu Trail 21 k Jatkonvaara route a trail runner can enjoy Hossa’s nicest paths, most beautiful ridges and the Jatkonvaara hill area’s spectacular views.

On the Kainuu Trail 10 k Huosius route a trail runner can enjoy Hossa’s smoothest needle paths, nice ridges and crystal clear water surroundings.

Welcome to Hossa during Finnish mid-summer to enjoy trail running!

Contact details

Kainuu Orienteering Week (Finland) Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi +358447679533

Opening hours

Mon closed
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Sat 06:00 - 23:00
Sun closed


Starting from 25 €
Trailrunners beside the Huosilampi bond in Kainuu Trail 2023
Trailrunner near the Lake Kokalmus in Kainuu Trail 2023
Happy trailrunner on the finest needle paths of Hossa National Park in Kainuu Trail 2023
Trailrunners atmospheric arrival to finish in Kainuu Trail 2023