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Kaihlalahti Clothing

Kaihalahti Clothing, based in Suomussalmi, Finland, designs and manufactures high-quality local textile products from organic cotton knitwear and semi-woven fabrics. The pattern of the products is inspired by the traditional Suomussalmi-raanu (a traditional heavy woven rug, used as bed cover and wall textile), which is still made by local craftsmen.

Kaihalahti Clothing’s range includes a variety of accessories and home and interior textiles, and you can buy their products either from the company’s online shop or from their retailers such as Kuutamo shop, The Silent People’s Niittykahvila Café, Hossa Reindeer Park or Hossa Visitor Centre.

The products have been awarded the Design from Finland and Key Flag labels by the Association for Finnish Work in recognition of Finnish design and manufacturing.

Contact details

Kaihlalahti Clothing info@kaihlalahti.com +358 445206017
Kaihlalahti Clothingin Suomussalmi-kuosi.