Kukkakauppa KukkaIris kuvattuna sisältä, kuvassa erivärisiä kukkia ja kasveja.
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Florist Kukkakauppa KukkaIris

KukkaIris is a florist in the centre of Suomussalmi, where you will find a wide range of professionally made bouquets and arrangements for different occasions, from funerals to christenings. You can order flowers from them for your home, party venue or blessing ceremony in the Suomussalmi area.

KukkaIris also sells green plants and potted flowers, and customers can get growing tips on top of the sale if they wish.

The shop also sells a variety of gift items such as Finnish chocolate and other sweets, Classic Canes walking sticks, home decor, cards and stuffed animals. These are complemented by a range of self-made books of condolences and wreaths.

KukkaIris tries to reduce the use of packaging plastic and prefers to wrap flowers in beautiful paper.

Contact details

Kukkakauppa KukkaIris Oy Kauppakatu 13, 89600 Suomussalmi Suomussalmi kukkairis@gmail.com +358 40 681 3980 / +358 8 712 116
Sydämenmuotoinen vihreä kukkaseppele, jossa valkoisen, sinisen ja violetin värisiä kukkia.