Caravan alueemme rajautuu Kangasjokeen

Caravan area

There are twenty electrified places for motorhomes and caravans in the Finn Camping Kangasjoki.

We recommend booking your accommodation in advance through our Campcation Service, which is on our company´s website. This way you ensure an uncomplicated accommodation experience for yourself and for your company. Welcome!

The service building has old but clean washrooms, a toilet, a washing machine and a tumble dryer downstairs. Upstairs there is free wifi and communal cooking facilities.

Our camping area is located on sandy soil, so you won´t have any problems to drive from there even after a rainy night.

There is a cosy log sauna on the banks of the Kangasjoki River, where you can take a traditional sauna and wash yourself in a cauldron with heated water. You can take a dip in the fresh Kangas River.

There are several campfire sites and a barbecue hut where you can cook on an open fire.

Contact details

Finn Camping Kangasjoki Viitostie 136, 89600 Suomussalmi +358103192650

Opening hours

Mon open
Tue open
Wed open
Thu open
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Sat open
Sun open


Starting from 25 €