Julma Ölkyn vene on iso avovene, johon mahtuu noin kolmekymmentä ihmistä.
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Boat Cruise at Julma Ölkky Canyon Lake

Julma Ölkky, the largest canyon lake in Finland, organizes daily boat trips every 45 minutes in the summer. The boat trip takes about 30 minutes. Departure of the last boat trip of the day is one hour before the closing time. Boat rides are also available at other times by request.

There is also a kiosk at Julma Ölkky, where you can buy tickets to the boat cruise, coffee and tea, candy, and souvenirs for example. The kiosk also has alcohol dispensing rights and a grilling shed, which can be used by customers.

Contact details

Julma Ölkky Julma-Ölkyntie 86, 93700 Kuusamo julmaolkky@luukku.com +358 500 389 345


Starting from 17 €
Boat cruises on the Julma-Ölkky canyon lake