Äyrilä-mökin ulkokuva, hirsimökki on maalattu punaiseksi.
#Cottages & Villas


Äyrilä is a log cabin renovated in 2022, located on the shore of Lake Pesiöjärvi in ​​Suomussalmi’s Pesiökylä.

The cottage has sleeping capacity for 4 people, and the sauna room of the beach sauna for 2 people. In addition to the beach sauna, the cottageyard has a covered terrace, a barbecue shed, an outdoor shed and an outdoor storage room. The cottage’s living room has a fold-out laver sofa, a small kitchen, and a loft with two beds. There are steep stairs to the loft. The beach sauna has a steam room, a small bendroom with two beds and a covered terrace. The sauna has a wood stove and a stove tank for heating water. Water for the sauna is obtained from a surface water pipe and a motor pump from a well. A washing machine is available and it is located in the outdoor storage room.

Equipment: Electric lighting and heating, capacitive fireplace, waterpipe from own well, no shower, wood-heated beach sauna, outdoor toilet, electric stove, a fridge and a freezer, a microwave, TV, radio, barbecue shed, rowing boat, washing machine.


262 € – 404 €/weekend
461 € – 606 €/week
Bed linen 15 €/person

Contact details

Pennilän loma-asunnot Pesiönrannantie 31c, 89640 Pesiökylä +358 400 833 207
Ulkokuva Äyrilän mökin pihapiiristä, mökki, grillikota ja rantasauna.