In Suomussalmi there are beaches close to the centre and on the parish village side, too.


Jätkänpuiston hiekkainen uimaranta.

Jätkänpuisto beach

Jätkänpuisto beach is a popular beach right next to the centre of Suomussalmi. The beach has newly renovated dressing rooms, a new pier and a beach volleyball court and there is also a nine-hole disc golf course in the park. There is a spot for campfires near the beach.


Viitostie 245, 89600 Suomussalmi.

Ruomasianpuiston uimaranta

Ruomasija beach

Opposite Teboil Turjanhovi Service Station there is a swimming beach called Ruomasija beach. Dressing rooms can be found on the beach.

Viitostie, From the city centre towards Kajaani. Turn left right after Teboil Turjanhovi.

Valkeinen beach

Beach located in a peaceful neighbourhood. There are dressing rooms on the beach.

Säröspinontie, 89600 Suomussalmi

Mannilan uimaranta, jossa hiekkaranta, pukukopit ja katos.

Mannila beach

The beach is located 9.6 km from the citycentre of Ämmänsaari. There are dressing rooms on the beach and also a fireplace with a shelter.

Hakalantie, 89800 Suomussalmi kk.

Muikkulan uimaranta, jossa hiekkaranta ja pukukopit.

Muikkula beach

The beach is located 10.7km from the Ämmänsaari city centre. There are dressing rooms on the beach.

Nuottamiehenkuja, 89800 Suomussalmi kk.

Hiekkaranta ja turkoosin värinen vesi, horisontissa metsä

Hossa beaches

Hossa has crystal clear waters and stunning sandy beaches. You can swim freely in the waters of the National Park. On Iikoski Beach at Hypäsjärvi, there are dressing rooms, a cooking shelter, campfire sites and a toilet. The forest beach at the Karhunkainalo campsite by Öllörijärvi Lake has dressing facilities, a jetty and a toilet.

In addition, swimming spots can be found on the shores of Kokalmus Lake and at Seipinniemi by Lake Saarijärvi.

Pitämä beach

The beach is located in Pitämä, 3.8km from the city centre.

Akonkatu, 89600 Suomussalmi.