Vienan pakolaisten muistomerkki.

Monument to the freedom fighters and refugees of Russian Karelia

By the side of the car park to Raatteen Portti Winter War Exhibition is a large slab of stone with plaques bearing texts: On the front side of the monument there is the inscription: “In memory of our brother
soldiers from Russian Karelia. All honour to the freedom fighters who, holding by their convictions, bravely followed the flag of freedom. The Raate road was the main channel for the fighters and refugees
from Russian Karelia. The War of Independence Heritage League and the War of Independence Heritage Association of Kainuu”.

The inscription on the rear face of the monument reads:
“As a consequence of the War of Independence the Malmi-Kuisma Volantary Expedition was sent from Finland to provide protection during the period 21.3.1918 – 2.10.1918. It contained some 500 men including 15 Finnish Jägers. The Russian Karelians took part in the struggle dreaming of their own nation. The municipalities which had joined Finland, Repola (in August 1918) and Porajärvi (in October 1919), were defended by soldiers of the Finnish Army accompanied by a company of volunteers and possessing in all a total of 23 Finnish Jägers. According to the Tarttu peace treaty of 14.10.1920 the region was returned to the Soviet Union. The Russian Karelians’ own War of Independence was fought during the period 28.10.1921 – 20.2.1922. Of approximately 3000 soldiers loyal to the short-lived Russian Karelian government some 500 were Finnish, including 27 Finnish Jägers . After the independence struggle was crushed by superior forces some 11 000 refugees left Russian Karelia for Finland. The majority of these returned but the Finnish state provided refuge for some 4000 refugees up until the Winter War”.

This monument was designed by the architect Anita Tuhkanen and unveiled on 12.7.1998.

The location of the memorial can be seen on the Kainuu outdoors map.
Street address: Raatteentie 2, Suomussalmi

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Raatteentie 2, 89800 Suomussalmi