Laukkujärven autiotupa Hossan kansallispuistossa, tuvan edessä on nuotiopaikka, pöytä ja penkit.
Jonna Saari

Open wilderness huts in Hossa

A wilderness hut is a modest, but good place to stay for those who are active in nature. The huts are open to everyone and are unlocked buildings, and you can stay in them for a night or two without prior reservation. The wilderness huts are equipped with bunk beds, a table, benches, cooking utensils, a fireplace and a dry toilet, and sometimes there is a gas stove. Firewood, a saw and an ax can also be found there. Smoking is not allowed in the huts, and pets are not allowed in some of the huts.

For more information about the wildernes huts: You can get more information about the wilderness huts also from the Hossa Visitor Center, Tel. +358 206 39 6041, +358 40 751 7221.

There are five wilderness huts in the Hossa National Park (In the parentheses is the maximum number of people suitable for the room):

Ala-Valkeinen (6 people)
Kukkuri (7 people)
Laukkujärvi (4 people)
Lavajärvi (5 people)
Puukkojärvi (3 people)