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Wilderness and rental huts in Hossa

In Hossa National Park you will find several free wilderness huts and rental huts for a fee.

Puukkojärven autiotupa metsän keskellä.
Kuvaaja Jonna Saari

Hossa Wilderness Huts

The wilderness hut is a modest but good place to stay for those who are out in nature. Open to all and unlocked, they can be used for a night or two without booking in advance. Facilities include sleeping lounges, a table, benches, cooking utensils, a stove, a dry toilet and sometimes a gas stove. Firewood, a saw and an axe are also provided. Smoking is not allowed in the huts, and pets are not allowed in some of them.

For more information on deserted ponds in Hossa, see for example the website. For more information about the Hossa desert ponds, please contact the Hossa Nature Centre, tel. +358 0206 39 6041, +358 040 751 7221.

There are a total of five wilderness huts in Hossa National Park (the maximum number of people per hut is shown in brackets):

Ala-Valkeinen (6 people)

Kukkuri (for 7 people)

Laukkujärvi (4 people)

Lavajärvi (5 people)

Lake Puukkojärvi (3 people)

Hossa rental huts

There are also several huts for rent in the Hossa National Park area. Some of these are only available during the summer season and others are available all year round, such as the Lounatkoski rental hut. More information and reservations can be found on and erä