Korpipaussin julkisivu viistosta kuvattuna.
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Korpipaussi is a bed & breakfast accommodation service in Yli-Vuokki, Suomussalmi. It is located on the shore of Lake Viiankijärvi, about 80 km from the Suomussalmi center.

The multipurpose facilities are suitable for large groups, camping activities and family parties, as well as a place for various events. The facilities can accommodate customers per room, accommodate three separate parties in their own facilities, or rent the entire building. Korpipaussi has sleeping spots for 20-40 persons. 12 rooms for 1-2 people + rooms with extra beds. All rooms have two actual beds.

In addition, there is a spacious beach sauna and caravan/car spaces for rent. Outdoor corral for dogs (hunting dogs can not be brought indoors).

Korpipaussi is open all year round.

from 70 €/two-person room/day

Services near Korpipaussi:
The Vienan reitti -route starts from the corner of the lot. Excellent grounds for fishing. Good berry picking and hunting opportunities. The place is an area of ​​significant military history, 45 km from Raatteen Portti Winter War Museum. There are also memorials for the victims of partisans nearby. The nearest shop and gas station are 30 km from Korpipaussi.


Korpipaussi Oy Malahviantie 194, 89600 Suomussalmi korpipaussi@gmail.com 044 328 00 81, 0400 782 257


Alkaen 70 €