Mökki Mäntyniemi Seppänen on punainen hirsimökki, jossa on lasitettu terassi.
Ulkokuva mökistä Mäntyniemi Seppänen
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Cottage Mäntyniemi/Seppänen

Cottage Mäntyniemi is a log cabin that is available for rent year-round, and has capacity for 6 people.

Premises: two story log cabin, constructed in 1997, living space 63,5 m2.
Pets allowed. In downstairs there is a combined living room and kitchen with 2 beds. In upstairs there is a little bedroom with two beds and an open loft with 2 beds.

Equipment: Electric heating, light, cooking stove and oven, microwave, fireplace and brick oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine for laundry, CD-radio, coffeemaker, electric kettle, water pipe from the well.
Car heating plug point, rowing boot, life jackets for 4 persons. Pets allowed, outdoor cage for dogs. Fishing permits for 4 fishing nets.
SUP board is for rent for accommodating customers.
Sauna (connected to the cottage): wood stove, shower and toilet.

90 €/a day, pets 10 €/day, amount of pets may vary.
550 €/week, pets 50 €/week, amount of pets may vary.
Bed linen 10 €/person
Minimum rental time is 2 days. Booking fee 100 €.

Cleaning according to the instructions, otherwise an additional fee will be charged (80 €).

Located by the Lake Piispajärvi, about 54 km to the north from Suomussalmi center.
Driving instructions: From Suomussalmi center drive for 50 km along the highway E63 (5) to the north. Then turn left and drive along the road Sutelantie for 3,7 km.

Good possibilities for fishing, hunting and berry picking.
There’s also a snowmobile route close to the cottage.


Mäntyniemi/ Seppänen Varpusaarentie 2, 89760 Piispajärvi einiseppanen@gmail.com 040 728 3627


Alkaen 90 €
Mökin wc ssä suihkukaappi.
Mäntyniemi Seppänen mökissä suihkukaappi.
Mäntyniemi Seppänen mökin puulämmitteinen sauna.
Mökki Mäntyniemi Seppäsen makuuhuone, jossa kaksi erillistä vuodetta.
Mökki Mäntyniemi Seppäsen makuuhuone.
Mökki Mäntyniemi Seppäsen tupakeittiössä varusteena mm. juokseva vesi, sähköhella uunilla, astianpesukone, jääkaappi pakastinlokerolla ja leivinuuni.
Mökki Mäntyniemi Seppäsen tupakeittiö.